Tuesday, 18 October 2011

On the turn

Part of being thrifty is not wasting anything, right? I had some very wrinkly vegetables bought at W's harvest festival sale a few weeks ago. Chuck them in the bin? No siree. I made a root veggi gratin from this book [another birthday present]

We also bought some apples and I made a crumble, although had a bit of a culinary mishap as the apples turned to mush after trying to soften them a little bit in a pan. Turns out they were not all cooky apples so most of them turned to pulp. Still delish though.

All in all, a very thrifty feast, even though it did give me raging indigestion afterwards!

P.S I had my growth scan today and the twins are 6 pounds already, the same kinda weight as if i had one in  there. I also have my date to be induced - 25th Otcober -eek! No turning back now!

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